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Trying to expand your modes of reading?

Although most of the bookworms out there prefer physical books, yet there are a few who are trying to adjust with e-book reading due to the fact that e-books are easy to carry, easily accessible for free from anywhere and sometimes will not even cost you half of the price of an actual book. So, here are the top free e-book sites for downloading so that you do not have to worry about carrying a physical book next time with you anywhere you go.

PDF drive is more like a search engine for books. You can get almost any book you want for free from 7 billion+ books and the best part about it is that you can download a book as EPUB, MOBI and a PDF format. This site will never ask you for any credit card or any one time payment though it has premium plans which will provide extra benefits for a user. Trust me, I personally use this.

2. Kindle

Amazon kindle is not a public domain but still, you can get thousands of books for free and the premium books will not even cost you half price of a physical book. The in-app features you get while reading a book are incredible, you will fall in love with e-books. Do you wish to become an author and are worried about publishing? Do not worry, because you can also publish your books through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for completely free.

3. Free Books

Free books is another book paradise. You can get any popular and recent popular releases for absolutely free. You can either search by genre or by the book name and start enjoying it. The in app reading features are just as similar to Kindle.

4. is a home to thousands of classic books. You can search by the authors name and get all the books written by them in the results page. Either you can read online or download in a PDF or a kindle format. Overall this website is user-friendly.

Trust me even though you didn’t have prior experience reading e-books or using any of these applications, reading e-books is as fun as reading an actual copy and the features that these applications provide are just amazing because I as an avid reader use all of these personally.



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