How To Get Started With Online Gambling

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So, you want to gamble online? Take a pen and a piece of paper and list out the reasons why you want to start gambling at first and let me do the rest for you! Online Gambling has become popular since the fall of 2011 and was considered as the fastest growing online category with almost 10 million US active users, back then. And today World gambling statistics say that around 26% of the world population gamble, in which 1.6 billion people gamble every day, while the rest 4.2 billion were told to gamble at least once a year and it was estimated with a revenue of $306.5 million let alone in the US and the worst part is people have lost some hundreds and thousands of dollars in their betting.

What is Online Gambling?

Any kind of gambling that is conducted on the internet is called internet gambling/online gambling/e-gambling. Online gambling comprises virtual poker, casinos and sports betting. Internet gambling is actually hosted by the gambling sites and one of these sites can be accessed with a simple click. All of these sites use an advanced software to make it possible to gamble with the real money, sometimes these sites come with an inbuilt software along with the website and if not you are required to download the software to access the website. There are a few things needed to use these gambling sites to bet or to play for real money

It is obvious that nothing works without the internet. Open the website and click on the join now button and agree to the terms and conditions after you’ve gone through it. Once you’ve created an account, it’s time to make money deposited into your account and once you are done with the setup process, there you go, All the Best.

Gambling sites that are the best:

Here are some of the best gambling sites





Some of the mobile apps are


· WILD casino

· Las Atlantis

· Bovada

Always do your own research apart from our research, before you start gambling.

Is gambling legal or illegal?

States in India formulate their own rules and regulations for their people on gambling. However a few states such as Goa, Sikkim and Daman legalized casinos while the other states still consider them as a crime/illegal but still there are people who are very much into gambling. In the US out of 50 states 48 have already legalized gambling and 2 states (Utah and Hawaii) have completely banned.

Is gambling good or bad?

It is good and bad in its own way. When you earn profit it is good and when you lose it is bad. Gambling sites are created in a way to attract more people to play, it may be good in the beginning but as time goes by you will be addicted to it, which I consider as a dangerous act.

Conclusion :

Starting gambling can be done by anybody but to become an expert you will need to use your brain intensively. Nothing comes for free, you need to work for what you want. Similarly, just playing simply doesn’t get you money, playing with utmost focus can only bring you money.



Content writer| Content creator| Copywriter #talks about entertainment, lifestyle, books, finance, technical, e-commerce and health. IG @freelance_writer_mohith

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Reddy Mohith

Content writer| Content creator| Copywriter #talks about entertainment, lifestyle, books, finance, technical, e-commerce and health. IG @freelance_writer_mohith